Thayer Energy Solutions Participates in 2023 Academy Expo

Thayer Energy Solutions participated in this year’s 2023 Academy Expo held by the Rockford Public School District at the Indoor Sports Center in Loves Park.  Chuck Meyers, Electric Vehicle Charging Specialist & Energy Advisor for Thayer Energy Solutions, was available to present career path options for students looking to get involved with Electric Vehicle technology: […]

Thayer Energy Solutions Attends Transportation and Innovation Expo

Chuck Meyers and Nicole Roggenbuck from Thayer Energy Solutions attended the 2023 Transportation & Innovation Expo on October 11, 2023 in Madison, Wisconsin.  The expo included breakout sessions from industry experts on sustainable transportation choices and how they can reduce emissions and improve your bottom line.  The 100,000 expansive expo hall covered was available to […]

Embracing the Electrical Revolution: How We’ll Meet the Growing Power Demand

Are we on the brink of an electric vehicle (EV) utopia even though our current grid may face challenges in keeping up?  While there’s no denying that increased power demand will be a significant undertaking, let’s explore the positive side of the story and how we’re gearing up to address these changes. The Challenges Ahead […]