Air Guardian Filtration System: An Overview

If a business or organization wants to continue to welcome customers or clients, keep enough staff working to serve them, and even just stay open, they need to provide COVID-19 safety measures.  However, doing so usually involves methods that are labor intensive, depend on compliance from those who may not be eager to comply, etc.

Fortunately, the Air Guardian, a new American-made system that eliminates the COVID-19 virus from room air, is now available, and installing it may be funded by grants.

Filtration, Followed by Continuous Disinfection with UV-C

Though the Air Guardian filtration system includes advanced carbon glass HEPA filtering, the real heart of the system is continuous UV-C LED lights. The UV-C spectrum of ultraviolet light is used in a wide range of germicidal applications, from sterilizing nail salon tools to water treatment. Robots equipped with UV-C lights disinfect public transportation, hospitals, and other communal spaces.

Why? Because UV-C damages the DNA in cells to the point they can no longer function properly, leading to cell death. In fact, UV-C kills over 99% of biological hazards, eliminating mold, bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus. No method kills such a wide range of biohazards and does it so effectively.

Room air entering the Air Guardian filtration system passes through an advanced HEPA filter, then travels a route that is circuitous by design. The air is exposed to UV-C light constantly as it travels over 19 feet, purifying it.

In fact, third party testing found that the Air Guardian filtration system killed the Covid-19 virus in 13 seconds. And this continuous cleansing operation while the room is occupied is the optimal approach for reducing spread of the virus, especially when combined with other practices such as masking and social distancing.

The Whole Air Quality Package

In addition to being third party tested, the Air Guardian filtration system is EPA-registered and FDA-certified as a Class 1 Medical Device. It also meets the standards of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHREA).

Installation and care are simple. The Air Guardian filtration system connects into existing electrical infrastructure, so there will be no need for extensive rewiring. The unit itself is ceiling mounted, and only 2 feet by 4 feet. But it’s not just the small size that makes it unobtrusive. The Air Guardian filtration system is quiet, producing the same level of noise as natural bird calls or the ambient noise in a quiet suburb. Unlike some air cleaning systems, it doesn’t emit ozone or any chemicals, but simply cleans the air and recirculates it.

The sole maintenance need is to change the carbon glass filters 1 or 2 times per year, and the system comes with a five-year warranty. With an Air Guardian filtration system, you won’t need labor intensive solutions like frequent spraying. Simply turn it on and let it run.

Funding Help

Installation of the Air Guardian filtration system can be potentially covered by a number of available funding sources. Most importantly, installation in schools is covered by the CARES Act. This ensures you can welcome teachers and students back to class in safety.

If you think the Air Guardian filtration system may be the right COVID-19 safety solution for your facility, get in touch with Thayer today and we can discuss your needs and this opportunity for increased COVID-19 safety.