Can UV Lighting be a Danger in Your Workplace?

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, there’s an increased demand for sanitation methods that can be used with a wide range of items reliably and quickly.  UV-C ultraviolet lights are a fast-germicidal technology that kills over 99% of biological hazards, eliminating viruses (including coronavirus), bacteria, mold, etc. However, improperly UV-C use can be a danger to […]

Saving Money on Lighting Maintenance in Your Manufacturing Facility

There’s always pressure to reduce costs in manufacturing, not just on the production line, but anywhere you can.  LED’s lighting controls are an answer because they reduce energy use.  But can they reduce your costs in other ways? In fact, they can.  LED’s not only save energy, with a little strategizing they can also help […]

Three Surprising Effects Lighting Has on Worker Productivity

It’s typical for those who recommend converting to new lighting to focus on the cost savings a business can experience by installing LED’s or other new energy saving technologies.  That certainly makes sense, given that LED’s offer significant savings, using less power and requiring less frequent maintenance. However, a lighting change can boost your business […]

Choosing the Right Partner for Energy Reduction

Even in strong economic times, reducing expenses is always a smart move.  In today’s climate of crisis, it makes even more sense to take opportunities to cut costs wherever you can.  Energy use is an excellent place to start, and new technologies and incentives make energy reduction easier than before. The question is, how do […]

Case Study: Rockford Lutheran

When the leadership of Rockford Lutheran School was examining how they might reduce energy costs at their Junior/Senior High School buildings, they wisely turned to solar power.  But, advisers suggested they focus first on an easier way to reduce electrical costs: Replacing the school’s traditional lighting incandescent and fluorescent lighting with LED’s. Rockford Lutheran asked […]

Food Service Industry Focus: Using Your Downtime

We realize the major problem the COVID-19 crisis has been for the food service industry.  Even before shutdown orders began, data showed restaurant visits down 73% nationwide.  Even if you’re doing pickup/delivery and have a supportive customer base, times are tough.  This guide discusses using this downtime to your advantage, focusing on your dining space.  […]

Moving Closer to Sustainability Goals

“With all the changes to our warehouse, we knew it was time to upgrade our lighting to new LED fixtures.  They’re smaller, brighter and come with a 10-year warranty.  This moves us closer to our sustainability goals, plus we expect to save about $14k a year on our electric bill.” John Barelli, President, WaterSurplus

Thayer Holds Solar Breakfast Event for Commercial & Industrial Business Owners

Thayer Energy Solutions held a solar breakfast event on February 27, 2020 at Giovanni’s.  Over 40 Commercial and Industrial business leaders attended the event, which covered topics such as: Is solar right for your commercial or industrial building, information on programs to defray solar installation costs, how to depreciate the cost of the project and […]