Honson Attends 2023 NAILD Convention in Dallas

Matt Honson, current NAILD Treasurer, attended the 2023 NAILD Convention on behalf of Thayer Energy Solutions.  This year’s NAILD Convention featured a Keynote speaker, speed networking, educational sessions, round table discussions and an AT&T Stadium Tour.   Educational sessions focused on horticulture lighting, tape lighting, acquisitions, hiring & retaining employees and much more. At this year’s […]

Raphael Gonzalez Joins Thayer Energy Solutions

Thayer Energy Solutions is delighted to announce the return of Raphael Gonzalez as Service Manager.  In this key position, Gonzalez will play an instrumental role in ensuring our customers consistently receive the highest level of service and support.  As the in-field point of contact, Gonzales will serve as the dedicated liaison between our customers and […]

Surprising Uses for LEDs

LEDs have many things going for them: Energy efficiency, low total cost of ownership, and unmatched durability, just to name a few.  But what we find amazing is the incredible adaptability of LED tech, allowing applications that would be unwieldy, expensive, or impossible for incandescent or fluorescent lights.  Let’s review just a few of these […]

Cool Savings and Brighter Days: The Riverview Ice House

“I am thrilled with the incredible results that Thayer Energy Solutions has delivered for our facility.  Thanks to their LED lighting solutions, we achieved a 64% energy reduction for both the exterior and interior areas.  With almost a 50% ROI, we couldn’t be happier with the decision to partner with Thayer and look forward to […]

Thayer Energy Solutions Receives BEP Certification

(Rockford, IL September 6, 2023) – Thayer Energy Solutions announced today that they are BEP Certified through The Illinois Commission on Equity and Inclusion.  The State of Illinois Business Enterprise Program (BEP), demonstrates the State’s continued commitment to opportunity and inclusion of minority-owned, women-owned, and persons with disabilities-owned businesses by offering certification opportunities to M/W/PBE […]

LED Lighting – Updating Can Be Easy

By now, nearly every business owner and facility manager has heard or experienced the positives of converting to LED lighting which can drastically reduce utility costs and time spent on maintenance.  LEDs use much less energy, have better light output and usually lasts far longer than older/legacy technologies. However, the large number of options can […]

EV’s and Residential Solar

Could you charge your electric vehicle (EV) at home and have a $16 monthly electric bill? As EV’s and residential solar become more popular, we’re fielding questions about combining the two. Yes, charging your EV with home solar is a great idea, as long as you do some math up front and use available solar […]

LED Lighting Upgrade

“We just recently completed another LED lighting upgrade at our dealership and we couldn’t be happier with the results and service we received from Thayer.  From the very first site survey with Dan & Henry, through the rebate paperwork and all the way to the final installation the Thayer team performed flawlessly.  Not only does […]

Reducing Glare and Eyestrain in Your Business Environment

Reducing rework and increasing productivity may have as much or more to do with your facility’s lighting than anything else.  Let’s review the problems glare and eye strain from improper lighting may be causing you, and what to do about it. Glare and Eyestrain Are Hidden Drags on Productivity Making working hours easier for your […]