Thayer Energy Solutions Participates in 2022 Academy Expo

Thayer Energy Solutions participated in this year’s 2022 Academy Expo held by the Rockford Public School District at the Indoor Sports Center in Loves Park.  Chuck Meyers, Electric Vehicle Charging Specialist & Energy Advisor for Thayer Energy Solutions, was available to present career path options for students looking to get involved with Electric Vehicle technology: […]

Thayer Energy Solutions Presents at Rotary Club of Rockford

Chuck Meyers, Thayer Energy Solutions, presented the topic “The Electric Car in Your Future” during the Downtown Rotary Club of Rockford on October 20, 2022.  The topic included information on the state of Electric Vehicles and EV Chargers, the driving experience when it comes to charging, the business owner experience and how to make the […]

A Difference You Can See!

The Thayer Difference. A difference you can see!

“Thayer Energy Solutions completed the final phase of our upgraded lighting project at the Top of the Block and we are thrilled with the results.  We achieved an energy reduction of 84%, a simple payback of 1.6 years and an annual savings of $15,345!” Rick Beale, VP, COO Anderson Automotive Group

The Thayer Difference

Entre Computer Solutions

“Thayer provided a free assessment and presented three options to fix the problem.  They also tapped into incentives and reduced our cost for the upgrade.  Our facility looks great and we are saving about $200 a month in electrical bills!” Kurt Broski, CPA, CEO Entre Computer Solutions

Is the Electric Vehicle Revolution Really Going to Happen?

Woman Thinking

Sometimes progress seems like a juggernaut; sometimes a shining example of technological progress turns out to be a diversion.  In light of recent events, it’s worth asking: Which of these categories do electric vehicles fit into? We say “in light of recent events” because some headlines have cropped up that detract from the sunny optimism […]

Thayer Shows Off Your True Colors

Winnebago Gym

“Thanks to Thayer, our gym has never shown our colors like they do now.  The new lighting has brought an additional sense of pride to our students, faculty, and community.” Mike Prestegaard, Director of Maintenance, Winnebago Schools CUSD 323

Choosing a Partner for Your Charging Station Project


You’ve watched the electric vehicle (EV) revolution take off, and you’ve decided you want to be part of it with EV charging stations.  The question is, how do you choose the right partner to get them installed and maximize your ROI? Let’s review a few best practices for choosing the right EV station partner. Look […]

Charging Station Basics: Equipment, Incentives, and More

Plugged in charger

In previous articles we explored why adding electric vehicle charging stations to your business sites is a profitable idea, but what about the actual equipment and installation process?  Let’s review the most important points. Plugs and Adapters – From Complex to Simple One common misconception about EV charging is that each vehicle can only charge […]