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Charging Stations, Tenants, and You: How Supporting Electric Vehicles Gives You an Edge at Your Property

A transportation revolution is underway, one that will transform almost every vehicle on America’s roads – the conversion to Electric Vehicles (EV’s). Any major change in consumer behavior is a major opportunity for those who get ahead of the curve. The move to EV’s will create profit opportunities for many commercial enterprises that have never…

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Short Term EV Outlook

As we enter the beginning weeks of 2022 a number of significant developments are occurring in the electric vehicle (EV) segment of the auto industry. These and other recent trends prompted us to prepare this review of the short-term outlook for EV’s and their supporting infrastructure. We also consider how each trend might affect business…

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Act Now on EVC’s

When many people heard “electric vehicles,” they tended to think of a sporty luxury car and a flashy billionaire.  Then, Lightning struck. This spring, Ford launched a new electric work truck, the F150 Lightning. Since 1 out of 16 vehicles in America are F150’s, this would be significant even if only Ford was making this…

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