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Safe School Opening with Covid-Killing UV-C

One of the worst non-medical effects of the Covid-19 pandemic has been its effect on school aged children.  Both educators and research scientists are finding that grades, learning retention, circadian rhythms/sleep cycles, and even general mental health are suffering as Zoom learning fails to fully fill the gap.  Meanwhile, the slowing of Covid spread and…

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Case Study: Stronghold Camp & Retreat

Dr. Danny Pierce had a simple four-word expression of his multi-faceted vision for Stronghold Camp & Retreat Center in Oregon, Illinois: Active, Green and Growing.  This Presbyterian ministry would be active in the community, active and growing in their faith, and care for the environment more than ever before.  To make the green part of…

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Case Study: Rockford Lutheran

When the leadership of Rockford Lutheran School was examining how they might reduce energy costs at their Junior/Senior High School buildings, they wisely turned to solar power.  But, advisers suggested they focus first on an easier way to reduce electrical costs: Replacing the school’s traditional lighting incandescent and fluorescent lighting with LED’s. Rockford Lutheran asked…

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