Thayer Completes Project for Camera Store

Thayer Energy Solutions has recently completed a lighting upgrade at Lundgren’s Camera and Video in Rockford, IL. As a camera/video retailer, the retailer had taken great care to ensure that their sales floor lighting was as even and balanced as possible. However, after the retrofit was completed by Thayer Energy Solutions, Lundgren’s Executive VP Ron […]

Retrofitting, Replacing Outdated Fixtures

Businesses can reduce the electricity used by indoor lighting by replacing or retrofitting older fluorescent lamps and ballasts with new, more efficient lamps. If you replace obsolete T12 fluorescent lighting with a T8 system, your company may save 40-48 percent in energy costs. Plus, upgrading also improves light quality, uniformity, light output, color and appearance. […]

Congress Debates–Yes–Light Bulbs; the Agrugents For; the Reasons Against

By Mihir Zaveri, The Oregonian Published July 27, 2011 Even the light bulb has become political. The U.S. House Republicans urged passage of a measure to block a phase-out of traditional light bulbs on Monday (Incandescent bulbs defended by Republicans over Obama opposition: Bloomberg), as the Obama administration called the bill anti-consumer. The legislation, debated […]

Thayer is Proud to Offer the New LED PAR Lamps

Thayer Energy Solutions is pleased to offer the new LED PAR Lamps from n:fusion. This new lamp provides outstanding energy efficiency, while also delivering high light output. The lamp was recognized at the 2011 Lightfair International show and features full dim-ability from 100 percent to zero percent. For special introductory pricing, call Patti Thayer at […]