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Thayer Lighting Delivers Energy Savings

“Midland States Bank is pleased with the energy savings that Thayer Lighting found in our Rockford region facilities.  The new LED Lighting makes our banks brighter and more energy efficient for years to come!”  Randy Bridgeland, Facilities Specialist

Lighting Large Projects

“Thayer did a fabulous job at our large retreat center.  This project will achieve a 720% ROI with a 1.4 years payback on this project!” Dr. Danny Pierce, Executive Director, Stronghold Camp & Retreat Center

Game On!

“Our new lights have reduced our energy consumption by 50% and that’s a winner!  Thayer did a great job and we got VendingMisers and Strip Light Surge Protectors at no cost under the Utility small business incentive.” Kyle Weber, Principal, Cataclysm Games and Collectibles, LLC

Educational Lighting

“Thayer provided advice on light colors geared to education – creating a more studious environment.  We replaced every bulb in our 60,000 square foot facility and have saved at least $10,000 over the last 12 months.” Becky Chewing, Rockford Lutheran

Moving Closer to Sustainability Goals

“With all the changes to our warehouse, we knew it was time to upgrade our lighting to new LED fixtures.  They’re smaller, brighter and come with a 10-year warranty.  This moves us closer to our sustainability goals, plus we expect to save about $14k a year on our electric bill.” John Barelli, President, WaterSurplus

Brighter Facility

“Our facility is much brighter, we are saving over $23k in electric costs and our payback was just 6 months!  A real win, win!  Thayer was great to work with.” Jeff Bonavia, Owner, R.L. Leek