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St. Rita’s Catholic Church

When we purchased new pictures representing the Stations of the Cross, we knew we would need better lighting. The result is dramatic and working with Thayer Lighting was, in a word, excellent! Michael McGarry, Business Manager St. Rita’s Catholic Church

Upgraded Lighting Brightens Up Giovanni’s

Thayer was entrusted with the upgrading the lighting at Giovanni’s Inc – throughout their convention and ballroom, which recently underwent a complete redesign. The updated lighting really helps show off the beauty of the room. Additionally, they are experiencing: 79% energy savings for all of the 90W par halogen lamps that were changed to 19W…

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Dixon Telegraph Brightens Up Offices

Thayer Lighting had the opportunity to assess the lighting fixtures at the Dixon Telegraph offices and were able to install new, energy-efficient fixtures that brighten up the space AND save the company in energy costs. Ed Bushman, General Manager, had this to say: “Your crew was great to work with. I can’t put into words…

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Custom Machine Improves Employee Morale

Custom Machine in Dixon, IL hired Thayer Lighting to replace existing shop fixtures. The result is a dramatic increase in lumens and atmosphere, leading to better employee morale. A total of 46.7% annual wattage has been saved (36,930 kWh), translating to an annual savings of $3,693! Prior energy costs ran $9,605.60, making their savings 38.4%…

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Frameworks Saves 3189 kWh Annually

It’s important for customers at Frameworks to be able to clearly and accurately view the colors in their prints and the available mattes and frames. Thayer Lighting was able to replace their old, inefficient lighting system with updated fixtures that save the company money. The result is a brighter, cheerier atmosphere with less shadowing on…

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Community Center Saves Big

In Oregon, IL, St. Mary’s Community Center worked with Thayer Lighting to replace their old lighting fixtures and experienced a significant increase in overall lighting – the yellow cast was gone and the brighter lights made for better visibility throughout the center. Instant On for the high bay gymnasium room fixtures saved 67.1% in annual…

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Large Factory Space Brightens Up

An often-typical factory setting features 400-watt high-pressure sodium high-bay HID fixtures which project an orange cast on the floor, making it difficult to read color-coded prints and labels. After power outages or spikes, these outdated systems require a re-strike period, resulting in lost productivity. And, the system is not suitable to on/off controls for areas…

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