Integrating Your Lighting into Your Overall Security Plan and Systems

Dark building

Nothing deters property crimes at a business site like bright, consistent lighting.  But getting security lighting right requires more than installing bright lights.  Poor lighting design can actually degrade your security.  Also, if you have advanced electronic control systems in your building – an integrated security system, building automation system, or both – tying your […]

Can We Count on EV Production?

Auto manufacturing plant

Pre-pandemic, the forecast for electric vehicle (EV) production was sunny.  It remained so in some quarters in the early days of the crisis, before analysts realized slowdowns and supply chain issues would linger into 2021 and 2022.  Manufacturers had difficulty producing cars of all types.  Production of the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Chevy Bolt was […]

Creating the Best Lighting for a Secure Business

As winter comes on, the light is dimmer at the end of the day outside our businesses and other public buildings.  But this is hardly a cold weather issue: rising crime and the need to keep customers and employees safe from slips and falls make it important to get your lighting right. Let’s review some […]

Choosing the Electric Commercial Vehicles for your Fleet

Two White Vans

As the adoption of electric vehicles (EV’s) increases, charging options grow, and prices drop, you may be thinking of converting to an EV commercial fleet as more a question of “when and how” rather than a question of “why.” There is a great deal to consider and the issues are complex, but the road map […]

Steps to Implement an Electric Commercial Vehicle Fleet

Electric fleet plugin stations

To many fleet operators, converting to electric vehicles seems as simple as buying new trucks, to others an overly complex task that will in the end only yield good, green PR.  In reality it’s neither.  Fleet conversion is a move that can help your bottom line as well as the planet, and like any good […]

Does an Electric Fleet Make Sense for your Business?

Electric Semi Truck

Electric vehicle technology has left the niche market far behind and is now a feature of everything from true sports cars to company SUV’s, city buses, and more.  Costs have also come down.  This previously pricey market segment is now in the same range as equivalent gasoline vehicles.  As a result, big name companies – […]

Is Your Lighting Hurting Your Bottom Line?

Workers inspecting lighting

Inflation has soared, especially in energy costs.  Labor pool difficulties continue.  All this and more add up to a challenging environment for turning a profit.  But is the lighting at your business making it even more of a challenge?  And are there investments you can make that will ease these problems now and for years […]

How to Accomplish a Hassle-Free Lighting Project

Inspecting commercial lighting

At some point, every organization that operates a facility needs a lighting upgrade.  Whether you’re noticing outdated or dysfunctional lighting, or horrified by your electric bills, you may feel as if you’re in the dark when it comes to the best options. The good news is that hassle-free is a matter of applying common sense […]

Is the Electric Vehicle Revolution Really Going to Happen?

Woman Thinking

Sometimes progress seems like a juggernaut; sometimes a shining example of technological progress turns out to be a diversion.  In light of recent events, it’s worth asking: Which of these categories do electric vehicles fit into? We say “in light of recent events” because some headlines have cropped up that detract from the sunny optimism […]