Choosing a Partner for Your Charging Station Project


You’ve watched the electric vehicle (EV) revolution take off, and you’ve decided you want to be part of it with EV charging stations.  The question is, how do you choose the right partner to get them installed and maximize your ROI?

Let’s review a few best practices for choosing the right EV station partner.

Look for experienced companies

New technologies always attract neophytes. A few are fly-by-night, but most are legitimate startups launched by fans of the new tech who want to ride the wave. The problem is there’s no substitute for experience with construction, power, and emerging technologies. Make sure your shortlist only includes companies that were installing power systems long before the first Tesla rolled out.

Evaluate them as you would any other contractor

Installing charging stations is a new type of project, but it’s still an improvement to your business by a contractor. Use the same practices you would use to evaluate a remodeler or electrician:

  • Get multiple quotes.
  • Check references carefully.
  • Inquire if they use subcontractors, and if so, about their oversight process.
  • Check the warranties on their work and beware of loopholes.
  • Choose a company that will handle permits and other paperwork with local authorities.

Choose a partner who knows the incentives and costs

Governments and manufacturers are eager to increase the number of charging stations available, and are providing rebates, incentives, etc. to help you add them to your business sites. The problem is that just with other green incentives, there are a wide range of different sources, benchmarks, qualifications, and application procedures. Governments and large corporations love their paperwork!

Your installation contractor should be a partner in navigating this territory, helping you realize the best possible return on your dollar. It’s wise to choose an installer with long-term renewable energy and/or green technology experience. The more experience they have dealing with the ins-and-outs of these programs, the more likely you are to maximize your ROI.

Choose a partner who knows a wide range of markets

One of the best upsides of the electric vehicle revolution is that since cars and trucks are something nearly everyone uses, those who serve electric vehicles will be serving a large and growing customer base that will soon include customers from nearly all walks of life. The catch to that is that when installing a product that will help serve that market, you’ll need a partner who understands them, and your goals.

Those you serve with a charging station could include single family homeowners, condo or apartment renters, business tenants, fleet operators of nearly any type, shoppers, restaurant patrons, moviegoers…the list goes on. An installation partner who has helped a wide range of businesses serve their customers better will help you serve these customers well.

Choose a local partner

By definition the market you serve with your charging stations will be a local one, so you should choose a local company as your partner in serving them. They should know not only the local markets you serve, but the ins and outs of local contracting regulations, codes, permitting, etc.

In our increasingly connected world, buying equipment or even seeking advice from outside the region makes a certain kind of sense. But the energy revolution is an ongoing process. For that reason, it makes even more sense to have a partner who can visit your site easily, answer concerns as they come up, and give you the best advice after seeing “the lay of the land” in person.

Need a local partner for your project? We’d like you to consider Thayer Energy Solutions. We have decades of experience with LED’s, solar installation, Electric Vehicle Chargers and other energy-saving technology, know how to navigate the jungle of incentives, and are right here in your region. Get in touch at 815-282-1112 and let’s see what we can do together!