Choosing the Right Partner for Energy Reduction

Even in strong economic times, reducing expenses is always a smart move.  In today’s climate of crisis, it makes even more sense to take opportunities to cut costs wherever you can.  Energy use is an excellent place to start, and new technologies and incentives make energy reduction easier than before.

The question is, how do you choose a partner to help you navigate a process that covers so many systems and options? Let’s review the qualities you’ll need to look for.

Choose a partner that knows LED’s.

Lighting counts for about 25% of the average business electric bill, varying by industry. Replacing linear fluorescent tubes or incandescent bulbs with LED’s can save thousands of kilowatt hours (and therefore, thousands of dollars) each year.

Because LED’s have matured as a technology, there are now a dizzying array of lighting options to choose from. The right partner company will not only be able to help you replace bulbs, but help you get even more out of your project by addressing other aspects of lighting choice. Will LED bulbs or entire fixtures be better for your maintenance needs? What lighting design choices, such as the range of light color to use, will work best in your working environment? A partner who knows and deals in a wide range of LED equipment will be able to help you make the best and most profitable decisions.  Since 1988, Thayer has been providing a wide range of lighting solutions needed to achieve your goals.

Choose a partner that is experienced.

Knowledge and capability are important, but so is project experience. Knowing the common hitches and how to avoid them, leads to better service. Choose a company that has extensive experience, and a number of solid project references.  Thayer has upgraded over 40 million square feet of turnkey lighting solutions in Northern Illinois and Wisconsin for hundreds of clients.  Let our experience work for you.

Choose a partner that can lead you through the rebate and incentive jungle.

Illinois, the federal government, ComEd and a number of other organizations are eager to provide rebates, incentives and grants to organizations that reduce their energy use with LED’s and other new technologies. They range from per-bulb rebates to green building ratings that reduce your tax liability.

The downside is each of these opportunities has its own requirements, benchmarks, and paperwork. Make sure your energy reduction partner is experienced in navigating this territory, helping you realize the best possible return on your dollar.

Choose a partner that is local.

In our increasingly connected world, buying equipment or even seeking advice from outside the region makes a certain kind of sense. But energy reduction is an ongoing process, one that can sometimes involve long-term projects. For that reason, it makes even more sense to have a partner who can visit your site easily, answer concerns as they come up, and give you the best advice after seeing “the lay of the land” in person.

Need a local partner for your project? Choose Thayer Energy Solutions. We have decades of experience with LED’s and other energy-saving technology, know how to navigate the jungle of incentives, and are right here in your region. Get in touch and let’s see what we can do together!