Every Night Lights

With the many benefits of indoor LED lighting, it is no surprise that it has just as many benefits outside. Outdoor LED lighting not only works to save you energy and money, but creates a safe and more appealing environment for all.


Safety issues are key when you update outdoor lighting. Depending on your business and the time of year, operating hours can go well into evening hours.

Outdoor LED lights will light pathways, parking lots, service roads, and everything in between. And, with the color options in LED, you may achieve daylight quality lighting at even the darkest hours of night.

Outdoor LED lighting promises to light every inch of space needed, eliminating dark corners and dim areas. In turn, you deter crime with brighter lighting, and reduce the chance of accidents with greater visibility. In fact, a major study conducted by the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, the NYCPD, and the NYC Housing Authority found that outdoor lighting cut crime by 39% over the course of 6 months.

As a client of Thayer can tell you, “our customers feel safer as the building and grounds are so brightly lit now.”

Increased Savings and Profits

Outdoor LED lighting can improve your bottom line, too. As we have mentioned before, switching from incandescent lighting to LED can increase profit with the amount of savings you receive (nearly 75% to 85% in savings).

LED lighting can also attract more business, as it creates an appealing environment. The last thing a customer wants to do is walk into a building they can hardly see. Lighting up your building ensures people see it while driving by, and helps it stand out against other surrounding businesses.

Aesthetic Appeal

Speaking of standing out, outdoor LED lighting can help your business “pop” under the night sky.

The illumination control of LED lighting can accent every corner of your business, and help beautiful architecture shine. LED lighting may even be used for artistic effect, with different options in brightness and colors available.

LEDs don’t diminish colors or textures, like traditional outdoor lighting, but bring out the detail in décor of any building they shine upon.

When making the change to LED lighting, a brighter outside is just as important as a brighter inside. Help make your business safe and visually appealing, all while achieving the best energy savings, by opting for outdoor LED lighting. Call Thayer today to upgrade your lighting, and you’ll be glad you did!