Full of Food AND Light this Holiday Season

What are holidays without a celebratory feast? Just thinking about all that turkey on Thanksgiving, the potato latkes during Hanukkah or ham on Christmas is enough to get anyone’s mouth watering. But after you’ve consumed all the food you can eat, you end up sleepy and uncomfortable for the next few hours (unless you’re smart and bring your stretchy pants and a pillow). If only there was a way to help you digest all that food faster!

Well, it may sound strange, but depending on the color of light you are exposed to, you can improve your digestive process, as well as benefit your health in other ways. And LED lighting can help make this possible!

History of Healing Colors

Before we get into how colored LED lights can improve your health in multiple ways, color alone has been used for healing now for centuries. Dating all the way to cultures in Egypt, Greece, China and India, windows of healing rooms were covered with cloth dyed different colors to capture the healing qualities of each color. For example, red light was used to treat smallpox, and to prevent scarring that might have occurred from the sickness.

Doctors throughout history have used colored light in astounding ways. In 1896, Dr. Ghadiali of India shined light through bottles made of violet-blue glass onto a patient’s abdomen, relieving their pain and saving them from mucous colitis.

Kate Baldwin, another medical doctor in the 1920s, used color therapy extensively. As Baldwin once said, “I can produce quicker and more accurate results with colors than with any or all other methods combined – and with less strain on the patient.”

Colors of Light within Our Body

Through the computerized technologies we have developed, we are better able to understand the human body, and the energies we produce. These technologies can determine imbalances in our energy fields, and what we can expose them to in order to balance them out. Sometimes these imbalances can be used as early-warning signs to diseases before the actual symptoms become apparent.

In our bodies, we have two invisible energy transport systems: the meridian system, which delivers the energies of light to organs and glands, and the chakra system, which stores the energy of light in the region of the major nerve ganglions along the spine. Specifically with chakra, it seems to spiral energy up and down the spine in seven locations, each with a concentration of a particular color.

And before you dismiss the meridian system and chakras as just traditions of Chinese and Indian religions, studies conducted, such as those by Dr. Pert and Dr. Pankratov, have found evidence to support the effect of light throughout the body, based on color.

What Each Color can do for You

“This lesson on colored lights is great, but how can it help me digest all this food?”

We’re glad you asked! If you separate the colors into the three primary and three secondary, you get red, yellow, blue, green, orange, and purple. Each of these colors of light have a unique purpose for your body:

  • If you want help digesting that big holiday meal, try yellow on for size. The yellow light is associated with the stomach, liver, and intestines. It is also known to help fight depression for those who struggle with it.
  • Red is linked to your kidneys, backbone, and sense of smell. If you are feeling tired and need more energy, this color is for you.
  • Lowering blood pressure and helping calm people down is done through the color blue. This color is linked to your throat, ears, and mouth. If you also suffer from migraines, try sitting under blue light for a while.
  • Green is linked to muscles, bones, and other tissues. It helps your body grow, and strengthens your immune system.
  • Can’t think of that next great idea? Try working under orange light. Orange helps to stimulate creative thought, and is linked to your breathing.
  • Purple light can help overcome that restless feeling when trying to get to bed, and will help you fall asleep. The color is linked to your nervous system and eyes, and can also reduce emotional and mental stress.

Of course, if you ever wanted to try color therapy out for yourself, there’s no better way than with LED bulbs and fixtures! LED lights provide the most color options, and allow you the most versatility when wanting to switch colors.

That way you don’t just have to settle for yellow lights, but can have the whole array of colors to test and see if they benefit your health and wellbeing. And for all your LED lighting bulbs and fixtures, there’s no better place to get them than Thayer Energy Solutions!