Improving Security for Customers and Employees

When Alpine Bank turned to Thayer to plan and install upgraded exterior lighting at drive-up banking facilities, even they were impressed with the final result. The project was designed to replace canopy lighting with LED lights at the two drive-up facilities: North State in Belvidere and East State in Rockford. Here is what they had to say:

“We were quite surprised with the change. Not only did the lighting levels increase tremendously, but we were also amazed how much it enhanced our security video camera picture clarity. Once we saw the advantages of LED lighting, we immediately upgraded the parking lot pole lighting to LED at two Rockford locations. Again, great success.”

“Better yet, employees have commented how much better lit our parking lots are and how it makes them feel more secure. With good ROI, we look to continue with additional LED lighting upgrades in the near future with Thayer Energy Solutions.”

“This entire process was very easy. Thayer Energy Solutions handled everything from beginning to end: from analysis, to placing the order, to follow-through with installation. We are extremely pleased to be working with a quality company like Thayer Energy Solutions Inc. and an LED manufacturer like Cree Inc.”

Randy Bridgeland, Facilities Officer
Alpine Bank