LED Lighting – Updating Can Be Easy

By now, nearly every business owner and facility manager has heard or experienced the positives of converting to LED lighting which can drastically reduce utility costs and time spent on maintenance.  LEDs use much less energy, have better light output and usually lasts far longer than older/legacy technologies.

However, the large number of options can make conversion seem like a daunting task. LED products now come in a dizzying array of colors/kelvin temp-Warm 27K to Cooler at 50K. The LED’s are designed for just about any conceivable lighting application. The good news is that products are made which make conversion simple. Let’s review some options to make the conversion process an easy one for you.

Option 1: Just change bulbs

If you currently have fixtures with incandescent bulbs; i.e. – Standard table lamp bulbs, halogen par lamps, can lights, parking lot lighting and even gymnasium lights have an LED counterpart. They typically install just like the legacy models do. Be sure that all the bulbs you purchase match the brightness/lumen level of the ones you are replacing. Also, you will need to decide on a color temp/kelvin that makes the most sense. If you have earth tones in your facility/home, you may prefer choosing a warmer kelvin temperature like 30K or 35K. If your space has a contemporary look using black, grey, white or bright colors, you will want to consider a cooler kelvin temperature like 40K or 50K.

Option 2: Swap out fixtures one-for-one

For design or maintenance reasons, you might prefer to remove the incandescent fixtures entirely and replace them with LED fixtures. With this option, instead of the light being provided by bulbs fitting into sockets, it comes from LED’s mounted inside the lensed fixture. These typically have a higher upfront cost than their counterpart (legacy) fixtures. It is important to note that the entire fixture must be replaced when it reaches the end of its service life. However, they rarely need maintenance and can last for decades. Be sure to consider a commercial grade fixture since the life expectancy is typically longer than a residential grade. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Option 3: Replace can lighting with LED conversion kits

If your facility has recessed or “can” lighting, you can save a lot by replacing (legacy) lighting like incandescent or halogen bulbs. They consume about 75-80% more energy and have shorter life spans than LED’s. Customers tell us that their lighting is better after the change since their lighting is brighter and accents their space better due to choosing the right kelvin/color temp. The other good news is you won’t need to change your bulbs as frequently. In many cases, you can install an LED conversion kit that replaces the bulb, includes the trim/bezel, and diffuser lens with a single LED part. Like an LED replacement bulb, a commercial brand is the best solution because they typically perform better.

Option 4: Replace fluorescent tubes with LED tubes

Fluorescent lighting uses less power than incandescents, but still use more power than LED’s. Traditional fluorescent tubes are easily replaced with a variety of options in LED tubes that operate with or without a ballast/driver, are color/kelvin selectable and consume approximately 30+% less energy while giving superior light and typically last longer.   Remember, a commercial grade gives the biggest bang for the buck.

Just as you can replace an incandescent bulb with an LED equivalent that goes right in the same socket, fluorescent light tubes can be replaced with LED tubes designed for the same fixtures and lamp holders.

Option 5: Replace fluorescent tubes with LED fixtures

The familiar fluorescent tube whether it’s the shop style i.e. strip lights or hi-bay fixtures that may hang from chains or fixtures that are recessed 2×2 or 2×4 fixtures.  The latter fixtures are often found in office drop/grid ceiling are known as troffers. They’re designed to hold two, three or four tubes, which can mean a lot of time spent on ladders changing the tubes.

However, most lighting manufacturers offer LED fixtures that replace the entire fixture.

Option 6: Work with an experienced partner

The easiest way to upgrade to LED’s for interior or exterior spaces is to work with an experienced and trusted local partner, like Thayer Energy Solutions. The right consultant will know the ins and outs of getting the correct lighting improvement for your facility and can potentially save money giving a good ROI while enhancing the looks while, in addition some have told us that productivity increased at their facility.

If you’d like to explore how easy and profitable working with Thayer Energy Solutions can be, get in touch at 815-282-1112, ask for an Energy Advisor and let’s Power Up Your Business together.