Let LED Lighting Brighten Up Your Mood

In today’s expanding workplace, concern for employee well-being should be a company priority. For most, employee satisfaction keeps employees productive and keeps them sticking around. Companies with low employee satisfaction flirt with high employee turnover. Training new employees equals more time and money spent and can negatively affect your bottom line.

One key to improving office morale – and office safety – is often overlooked. It all lies in what sort of lighting your staff sits under!

In an early study, the main goals of lighting in an office setting were determined to “create an appropriate and safe work area, provide for aesthetic and glare-free, pleasant vision, and save energy.” All well and good but, there are still many offices that use traditional lighting solutions such as florescent lighting, in order to save a buck. What these companies don’t know is, by opting for the cheaper lighting fixtures, not only are their employees suffering, but so are their profits.

Another study established that lighting was found to have a direct correlation with ease of reading, reduction of errors, lower eyestrain, faster productivity, and many other positive results.

The sad truth is that when companies use florescent lighting (and other less efficient lighting options), the main goals of lighting an office aren’t being met. Morale, safety, and productivity can plummet. Thankfully, a lighting solution exists that can combat the effects of poor lighting: LED.

You might think that LED lighting is just a new technology that provides utility and cost savings. Well, it is. But… with LED lighting you can also easily increase the employee morale in your workplace. And, with the increase in employee productivity, an upgrade to LED lighting will practically pay for itself. The results of a study solely focused on LED lighting versus florescent lighting found that when employees were introduced to LED lighting after being subjected to other forms of lighting, there was a significant improvement in overall performance.

LED allows for

  • Faster reaction times,
  • Reduced fatigue,
  • Lower rates of depression, and
  • An overall improvement in visual and cognitive tasks of 8.3%

To further prove how powerful the benefits of LED lighting are for your workplace, a study done to find whether the investment into LED lighting was worth the cost not only confirmed the positive effects of LED, but were able to produce “triple bottom line” savings once all of their LED systems were in place.

If your office has old, outdated lighting, then it seems your choice is clear. Not only does LED provide a positive impact on the morale, productivity, and safety of your employees, it also saves you a ton when it comes to your bottom line. With LED lighting, you will invest in a bright future for your company.

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