Start Saving Money and Energy the LIGHT Way

Dependence on energy can cripple any growing company. Between updating machinery and technology, and keeping all other systems in working condition, it is hard to balance a budget. Even trying to keep the lights on is a challenge!

But, there is a way to reduce your business expense that has been shining down on you every day! It all depends on the kind of lights your business functions under (neath).

Do you know what kind of lighting you are currently using? If you haven’t changed it in awhile, there’s a good chance you may be still using traditional incandescent lighting. Of course, incandescent lighting works and is what you’re comfortable with. However, you may be shocked to find out what those lights are costing you.

The money and energy saved by switching to LED lighting is nearly 75%-85% compared to traditional incandescent

A single incandescent bulb, turned on for only two hours, can cost you $4.80 in one day. At first blush, five dollars a day may not seem terrible, but if you think about how long you actually keep your lights on in a workday, and then multiply that by each additional bulb you are using to light your facility, you are paying way more than you should.

And not only do these bulbs require so much energy to power, they will only last you about 1000 hours worth of light.

LED is the Answer
With incandescent lighting sucking so much energy and cost out of your company, how can you ever hope to stay afloat? Here is where the most efficient lighting solution comes into play: LED lighting.

In comparison to other lighting solutions (especially incandescent lighting) LED lighting is – quite simply – the best option. In contrast with incandescent bulbs’ price of $5 per 2 hours, with LED you only have to pay $1 for every two hours. The money and energy saved by switching to LED lighting is nearly 75%-85% compared to traditional incandescent. You can also expect the bulb life to far outlast incandescent bulbs, as LED bulbs are estimated to provide you with 25,000 hours of light (compare that to 1,000 hours of incandescent life).


Other benefits of installing LED lighting include:

If you are an employer looking to find different ways to increase your profit margin and are still under the dim glow of incandescent lighting, then it is time to step into the light! LED lighting is the best way to cut your costs on energy without having to change much at all. And the benefits of LED lighting will immediately become clear to you. Make the right choice (and the bright choice) for your company today!

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