Thayer Energy Solutions Receives BEP Certification

(Rockford, IL September 6, 2023) – Thayer Energy Solutions announced today that they are BEP Certified through The Illinois Commission on Equity and Inclusion.  The State of Illinois Business Enterprise Program (BEP), demonstrates the State’s continued commitment to opportunity and inclusion of minority-owned, women-owned, and persons with disabilities-owned businesses by offering certification opportunities to M/W/PBE firms.  This certification allows Thayer Energy Solutions increased opportunities for bidding on State contracts with BEP goals and is valid for 7 years.

During the 2022 Fiscal Year, the State of Illinois spent $1,156,587,597 in eligible contract dollars with BEP certified vendors.  In addition, as of March 1, 2023, the Business Enterprise Program had 3,315 certified vendors: the highest number on record.

Thayer Energy Solutions provides turn-key lighting projects for commercial, industrial and the public sector – they are the leaders in energy efficiencies for lighting, controls, and Electric Vehicle Chargers (EVC’s).  To date, Thayer has retrofitted more than 100 million square feet of lighting projects.  Thayer also sells and manages EVC installations for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and the Public sector.