Tips for Avoiding Consumer Energy Fraud

With so many energy choices now available in the marketplace, there are now savings for residential, as well as commercial and industrial customers. But consumers are often confused by all the options, which may open the door to potential fraud from telephone and door-to-door solicitors. Learn how to avoid fraudulent offers.

Retail Energy Group Issues Tips for Consumers on Dealing with Door-to-Door, Telesales

The American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers has issued a consumer bulletin providing customers with tips to ensure they are dealing with a responsible sales representative

“While incidents of telephone or door -to-door marketing scams are not common, they can happen in any industry,” ACCES said. “In states where the energy market is open for consumers to choose among competitive energy companies for their supply of electricity and natural gas, some consumers may receive confusing or upsetting phone calls, or may hear about an individual fraudulently posing as a door -to-door energy salesman. This is not allowed or tolerated by reputable energy supply companies, or the public utility commissions who oversee them.”

ACCES said that a responsible sales representative for an energy supplier will perform the following:

  1. Phone calls are made by a real, live person on the other end of the phone
  2. Sales representatives will identify themselves and the company they represent, and explain that the supplier is not affiliated with the utility
  3. Sales representatives will not promise savings without explaining how the savings are generated
  4. Sales representatives will remain calm and polite, taking the time to answer any questions the consumer may have
  5. Sales representatives will offer or agree to provide you more information to review before making a decision, and respect a request not to be solicited again
  6. When engaged in door-to-door solicitation, the sales representative will:
    • Wear apparel bearing the name of the energy supplier represented
    • Wear an identification badge with the agent’s name and photo
    • Provide contract documentation and a notice of cancellation with all pertinent information filled in

Article courtesy of Mike Mudge, Rock River Energy Services