To Retrofit, or to Replace

LED lighting has many options to fit your needs, from LED retrofitting to purchasing new LED fixtures. The choice is yours. The trick is to determine which option best suits your business needs.

Reasons to Retrofit

Depending on your situation, sometimes the quickest fix is the best fix. That’s where LED retrofits come in. LED retrofits can be the easiest and most cost effective way to upgrade your commercial lighting.

When retrofitting, LED has plenty of options for plug-and-play, and it’s exactly how it sounds. You replace your old lights with new LED lights into your existing fixtures, and you’re ready to go!

Cost can be the main reason for choosing retrofitting over replacing fixtures. When purchasing new fixtures, not only will you pay for the fixtures, but the cost of installation. Although the money you spend will be recouped in the energy savings you receive with LED, not everyone has the money to invest up-front.

Retrofitting also provides many different LED products to fit any project. With the variety in lights to fit most any lighting fixture, you can stay with your current style and aesthetic – and not spend money on new fixtures.

Reasons to Replace

Of course, if you have the money to invest, replacing your old lighting fixtures with LED ones is optimal. This option can save you even more in the long-run, and be incredibly versatile.

Not all lighting fixtures are created equal, and this may be an issue you run into if you don’t opt to replace fixtures. While there are plenty of lighting options that fit into existing fixtures, you aren’t going to achieve the same energy savings and technical prowess without having a fixture specifically tuned to LED. Many LED lights cannot reach their full lumen potential (find out why lumens matter) when not placed in an LED fixture.

The lifespan of LED lights in the proper fixtures cannot be beat, either. Although all quality LED lighting lifespans surpass their competitors, replacing LED fixtures can offer you the biggest savings. And with the technology in new LED fixtures, you have a variety of options to choose from for your LED lighting. Some LED options allow you to dim your lights, colors can change with LED accent lighting applications, and you can create entire systems of LED lighting for both indoor and outdoor.

It’s not always easy to decide what the next step should be when upgrading to LED lighting: retrofit or replace? Whether LED lighting retrofit or upgrade, Thayer can assist you in all your LED lighting needs!