Utility Savings

Electricity deregulation has started in 21 different states, including Illinois. Customers now have the choice to stay with their local utility company for the generation portion of their bills or switching to any one of many licensed retail electricity providers. (REP). If a customer elects to stay with their local utility they have agreed to accept the company’s standards as well as a default rate based on wholesale market prices. Customers may switch providers at any time with no restrictions or fees from their local utility.

For customers who do switch, the distribution and transmission portion of their bill continues to come from the local utility. They also continue to service any power outages or infrastructure problems. In other words the service you are familiar with doesn’t change, you’re just switching to a lower rate.

Thayer can work with you to quote multiple top-tiered providers, much like an independent insurance representative. We review the PJM Capacity Results charges regularly, which predicts capacity for three years out – a main factor impacting energy prices (PJM Interconnection is a regional power grid stretching across all or parts of 13 states from Northern Illinois to North Carolina). If we find that utility charges are predicted to rise, we can work with you to lock in current electric utility rates now, saving you money over the length of your contract.